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Please note that all menu items are subject to change due to COVID-19 shipment inventory. Thank you for understanding!

Pearson Dining Hall is an all-you-can-eat destination for the NCCU community. Here you will find all your favorite dishes at our specialty culinary concept stations including our Chef's Table, Grilled, Slices, and Green Light station to name a few. Visit us for a quick brunch or a group dinner with friends -- come one, come all!      

  • Chef’s Table: Featuring comfort foods and familiar ingredients with a mix of innovative and upscale choices at an entrée station that is self-serve or served by our team. This station features a variety of options including hot entrees, sides, vegetables and many healthy options.
  • Grilled: Grilled is our mainstream grill concept, providing guests with a build-your-own burger experience where they can choose from 1/4 pound beef, turkey, beef-mushroom blend, chicken, and black bean burger or fish topped with choices from basic, premium and featured toppings.    
  • Slices: Slices serves up traditional fresh-baked pizza with the classic toppings, served hot - It’s a must-have for every menu! Variety is also nice, so Slices includes additional pizza-inspired options like calzones and pizzaritos (strombolis).    
  • Green Light: Nothing’s more tempting than a colorful array of fresh vegetables, greens, and delectable add-ons — especially when guests know that, after they’ve made all their choices, their fresh-tossed, made-to-order will come in at 550 calories or less!